Why has this quarantine been Utopia for the Dedicated Spiritualist?

During this time of “social distancing” and an overwhelming sense of panic in the air it has been hard for most to keep calm and to simply just keep still. Most are focused on the already harsh but normal pressures of life while being forced into an ever so obvious survival mode. Foremost, I want to thank Olofi for health and strength. I also want to send Ase to those that are in need and have transitioned during this pandemic. It is very important to keep the balance and order with spirit while these maddened times are circling the globe. But for those of us who live by a West African code of honor , called Iwa Pele and/or, have already dedicated their time to personal discipline where it may be applied mentally, physically, spiritually and, emotionally; they are finding more ways and more time to conquer those things that pose obstacle and threat to the very peace promised by The Creator. Most people join cults, ATR, or even practice as loners for senses of empowerment which feeds and caters to ego. While the person who is forced to practice due to heritage and blood rights must battle while walking the straight lines of purity and strength. This is the time that she/he has been waiting for.

When one finds their life in a constant state of turmoil and antipathy, to discover that the only solution to that trauma is indeed not only the grace of God but, the ways of those who came before them, it can all come off a little strong. At times it can be a bit much to someone who is stuck in their ways and/or enjoys doing the things that they do, be those things good for or, detrimental to them. Strict necessary lifestyle changes, incorporation of many new daily activities and, intimate moments become routine because they are effective. The basic skill of common sense and the natural intelligence that one possesses are not only heightened but, they are accompanied by discernment described by some to have only been known by biblical kings. When a person goes from living a regular 9 to 5 or corporate lifestyle to a spiritual one, depending on the Ase of the ancestors involved, they can go from 0 to 100. Which can be exciting to say the least. But when one is knee deep in initiations, ceremonies and, shrine work times like this put a totally different perspective on life. For one that is used to doing the work, solving the problem and, preventing the issues; their inner self becomes clearer. This is to aid in and, ultimately makes the dedication to self-evaluation for personal growth, more essential.

For the Spiritualist who has realized, grasped and, accepted … in the fashion of flowing with this truth, that one CANNOT be an effective healer, worker, conjurer etc., if they do not in fact do the inner work to perfect the parts of them that are connected to the divine. Great things come with the intentional pursuit of