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Why are you afraid of your culture ? And who are you to judge ?

It isn’t too often that someone who is as open and vocal as I am about my “unorthodox” traditional views gets to have normal relationships with those who are outside of my cultural background. But when I do, those relationships happen to be the most interesting. Reminding people that I am not normal can get a bit exhausting at times. And then they see it and they’re like “oh my God are you doing something” … It never ends no matter who or what kind of relationship you have sometimes.

Often met with “don’t use your powers on me” and the oh so cliché “do you believe in Jesus” , it can become exhausting just trying to co-exist with others. There is the usual loner phase , and then of course the “well maybe I’ll try to date a muggle” days , but ultimately I and I’m sure I’m speaking for us all when I say, I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO BREATHE WITHOUT SOMEONE THINKING THAT MY EMOTIONS ARE GONNA TRIGGER THEIR APOCOLYPSE. I mean Gosh. There are so many powerful black people who are conjuring up LIFE everyday and don’t even know it. Just because I do, doesn’t mean I wanna waste my precious energy on harming you.

Growing up and living in Southern Louisiana you have to hide your practices. as being “different” in the sense of religion is taboo. I’d like to think that those days are going to be behind us soon. BUT In the meantime, Why should I have to walk around constantly explaining to people that African and Native customs and traditions don’t equate to them being hexed if they are in my personal life. I concluded that I DON’T and so I DO NOT. I show them otherwise. I heal and I help. But I do not just give out and give and pour myself dry to them. Their business is still their business and mine is mine. Of course there are some that don’t really like to be told anything, especially when I’m right. But they are likely highly intuitive themselves and they just don’t listen to their inner voice. I normally tell them that they should and then they wouldn’t have to hear my mouth when ranting in my presence. I see and I know. I don’t reveal everything. But if I do I recommend it be respected and I leave it at that. It isn’t my place to harp and I’m no one’s pocket psychic. But I am who I am. If we’re gonna be personal in any way then you gotta value that as I obviously value something about you.

Half of the time I don’t give two shits about what someone else is doing. I’m trying to look cute or I’m quietly praying while everyone is being ratchet in the room. I’m definitely more worried about food and making sure that I’ve eaten than what people are even doing. I don’t think that people realize that they make things awkward for themselves and not for me. Saying weird things only makes you feel more comfortable about being around me … you don’t see me asking you to tell the various energies that I see and feel around you to not look at me etc. It’s like .. I’m cool. Chill out. Lol

No one is around here parading as if they’re Nancy from The Craft . At least if they can give you full account of their traditions. Customs and cultural ethics are very important. And then you should understand that these are some of the most ancient traditions in the world, (at Least the ones that I am dealing with, also with those that are cultivated right here in the diaspora and respected with high reverence). The very basis of which what you think worship should be is home to many of the tribal and aboriginal practices still in heavy rotation to this very day. Most people forget that the world is much bigger than their own neighborhoods, cities and states.

As for anyone who is living the spiritual life, they know that they have to abide by certain rules individually and as a whole. Moral ethics are the food in which we eat to survive. No one is risking it all to put your annoying ass in jar. It’s just not worth it.

Now lets just say you do happen to attack a person who has ancestors and deities walking closely with them and then you notice that your luck is not good and you equate your misfortune with them “doing voodoo” on you … you are still misinformed. What about the things that you have been doing on your own and to yourself? How many others have you flashed out on or how many other situations have you mishandled? As favor is described in many other cultures it is essential with those in ATR. Except we do not so much just call it favor, we call it service and building relationships. By taking care of praying to and connecting with the actual elements, deities, and ancestors you obtain favor. No one with favor has to huff and puff over candles to overcome a threat. Purity is virtue. There’s someone saying that they are covered by Jesus so why can’t another be covered by Ancestor & The Orishas. Think about what you are saying. You are more than likely just looking for someone to blame for your troubles.

Much like the practice and tradition of praying to the Saints with customs that strongly mimic Ancient traditions, and when I say traditions, I mean those … beyond Egypt. Here in South Louisiana … from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and then to Lafayette and all of the bayous in between, Catholicism is practiced as New Orleans/Louisiana Hoodoo. Praying to specific Saints for their specific traits and the lighting of candles, writing of petitions, incense etc are all components of Hoodoo.

Not to mention the second lines which directly mimic their African and Native sources alike… a proper send off and honoring of the ancestors is the very foundation of every ancient spiritual system. New Orleans and the communities of South Louisiana held on to a different culture and fought to keep it in a much hidden history. My advice to most mainstream traditional people is if they’re going to be whatever they are going to be then they should practice that particular custom to the T. In Louisiana the ancestral way, the Creole way, is to practice Catholicism and to use the corresponding prayers, candles, etc for the situation.

Baptist church folk aren’t too different as they utilize the book of psalms etc in their prayers and petitions. The fight for freedom from slavery and brutalization left scars in and on the minds of the masses here and fear regarding ways of worship and what’s too much or going to far when doing so. I respect everyone’s way of connecting to the Creator. But I do not support people not connecting with their ancestors because of the ripple of importance that they play in our lives not only physically, but spiritually as well.

The ways of those that came before us are always the answers and answer as to who we will become. We want to become better in all ways and in every way possible. Fear and the ignorance that fuels it will not assist us in any form of evolution. Here in Louisiana our people kept, used, and learned the cultures that came here. We are truly a Caribbean island in the states. While even our very spiritual essence is being gentrified here… people are still too busy “judging” others for not being Christian rather than worshiping their own Saints and finding out who they are where they come from.

There were once times in which our power had to be solely used for protection and survival and kept secret for our safety. But that was not to harm one another. There was a fight for freedom, we used to be a people who would stick together at all times. One of the ways that people would conceal that they actually knew that they were practicing was to denounce it. But in that hiding, has come ignorance and disrespect. Instead of paying attention to the fact that Big Mama kept food on the table we glamourize that nobody could mess with Big Mama’s children. You know, priorities. Not honoring the good things that her practices brought to her but keeping the energy focused on the mess. We are the children of the grandchildren and great grandchildren of slaves who are the descendants of Royalty. These things are facts. But we are all so busy trying to survive and fighting to survive because the cost of living is outrageous due to the gentrification and the fact that the only descent living still comes from the plantation… a system that never changed but evolved and disguised itself as equal opportunity .

If you seek then you shall find. And judge ye not. Because in your judgement you only feed a fear, An energy that is already spiritually set out against you. And then it is made clear Physically. Christianity was forced. So now that’s just the way that it is. And that’s fine for those who practice that religion but check in with your ancestors. Practice the way that they did. The way that they fought and died to. But do not judge others for living up to their bravery . Because everyone here is still constantly settling for the plantation life in some way or another. There are some of us who choose to be free in spirit which is still a fight because you have to wake up and discover that in the systematic set up you are never truly free in the first place, and then you become conscious and wonder how do you free yourself after all?

Free your spirit and your mind. There will be battles but your blessings will come. Some find their way in mainstream traditions, and others don’t. Judgement should come not. Especially in South Louisiana because it is who we are. We are still who we are Every Sunday. Every Wednesday and Thursday. Stop running away from your own spiritual gifts because you’re afraid of being caught and be who you are. But remember the battle is not with your brothers and sisters. The fight has always been and always will be for freedom. When there is freedom then there is peace.

We are not to enslave or attack our own or to harm those who wish us well and/or those who are harmless to us. Hexing culture is some BS ! Nor are you to go back and forth in wars with others. There are people who do them yes. But Christians throw them unknowingly all of the time. None of it is right. This does not mean that the world will be out to get you if you know your heritage and the ways of your people. The days of fearing who you are over because if you haven’t noticed the world is out already out to get you because of who you are. Why are you still bending and trying to conform? Attempting to bring others down shows character that is not becoming of even the morals and standards set by mainstream religious culture. The sciences and equations of how these things work don’t change, there are only variables that make the differences. Be a good a person. Be true to yourself.

Peace and Love.

Food For Thought.

YaYa Bea

So now that I’ve given the best that I could give as far as My side of the story goes I want to know… Are you afraid of your culture , because I don’t care if you’re in church on Sundays or not, it’s your culture per your demographic and gene pool… now

Are you afraid of your culture because of what you’ve seen in movies? Are you afraid of your culture because of what you’ve heard about in your family? Are you afraid of your culture because of your religious beliefs?

And if you are afraid of it because of your religious beliefs then maybe you should look into your genealogy and find out the backgrounds of your pre diaspora family members and then you may find answers as to what , who and how they worshipped , you may also be able to answer questions that lead to ultimate reasons why you are so afraid of anything other than mainstream traditions in your life by finding out as much information about the plantations your ancestors were on as possible that way you can learn about their treatment. What kinds of things went down how and why etc. Because ultimately your automatic assumption that a way of worship that differs from yours is evil because it isn’t yours and the only reason that your way of worship is your way of worship is because of traumatic transitional experiences in your family beginning over 400 years ago. The judgement card is not going to continue to work moving forward. There are too many justifications as to why one would openly practice another tradition other than what is considered “the norm”.

Less Shunning and More L O V E

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