Why are you afraid of your culture ? And who are you to judge ?

It isn’t too often that someone who is as open and vocal as I am about my “unorthodox” traditional views gets to have normal relationships with those who are outside of my cultural background. But when I do, those relationships happen to be the most interesting. Reminding people that I am not normal can get a bit exhausting at times. And then they see it and they’re like “oh my God are you doing something” … It never ends no matter who or what kind of relationship you have sometimes.

Often met with “don’t use your powers on me” and the oh so cliché “do you believe in Jesus” , it can become exhausting just trying to co-exist with others. There is the usual loner phase , and then of course the “well maybe I’ll try to date a muggle” days , but ultimately I and I’m sure I’m speaking for us all when I say, I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO BREATHE WITHOUT SOMEONE THINKING THAT MY EMOTIONS ARE GONNA TRIGGER THEIR APOCOLYPSE. I mean Gosh. There are so many powerful black people who are conjuring up LIFE everyday and don’t even know it. Just because I do, doesn’t mean I wanna waste my pre