Black Man who I unintentionally offend but unapologetically Defend perhaps this is why you are Mad

Dear Black Men who complain about women all day !

(yea niggas aint reading all that and that's the problem)

Ok word of advise... being independent doesn't mean that you DON'T need a man. Accountability in all of it's counterparts and formats needs to be everyone's focus here. Like if a woman can provide for herself in totality why would she, if she's integratable of course, deal with anyone on a partnership level who cannot turn her force into much more by doubling it's power which could only happen IF and WHEN this partner has yokes that are equal to hers. It is not ego stroking egotistical or mean for someone who runs big businesses to know that they cannot mesh with someone who only has to capacity to work as an employee in said big business. You cannot want me to be grateful that you are giving me an extra $300 today because it's Tuesday, but I'm taking the trash out. I don't want the 3 dollars I want the gesture of chivalry. But if we're gonna talk money... $300 is easy to come by when your'e not focused on money and your currency flows.. it's not snobbish for money to be nothing to someone (even if they don't have money)... Think about how you operate especially if you're trying to deal with someone who is "self made"... Just because they respect themselves as an entrepreneur doesn't mean that they don't respect their clientele... they just might not vibe with your thought patterns and processes of manifestation. For example you going to the casino every other day or shooting dice etc blowing thousands on cars and shoes and clothes, partying etc vs investing that $300 into her business so that she can turn it into $3300 legal money is a betrayal to her and if you can't understand how it is without further explanation then this woman is out of your league.. Check your own temperature before you wanna criticize a woman. For instance, I don't just eat Cheesecake Bistro because you picked it