Rediscover the Divine Feminine Within

 My Mother – Iyami  the sacred unseen force within


Our focus in Freequencie’s Iyami Mentorship and Sisterhood program is to evolve through divine ancestral guidance to an unhindered path of destiny. With the assistance of ATR community elders, and personal mentoring by YaYa Bea, the program has been a proven success in the necessary preparation that one needs prior to any initiation process.

What makes The spiritual education received at Freequencie Unique? Our curriculum is metaphysical and traditional, but Egun are the pillar of our foundation. Each individual has one or many ancestral paths. It is only by their (Ancestors) cooperation with the divine ordinance of The Creator and, by the individual’s cooperation with the divine instruction passed down to them by their ancestors that they will be able to inherit the Ase destined to them. We are here to assist those who are trying to learn to connect privately, and in group settings with spirit.

How are we preparing for ATR?

The courtship of an Ile, house, or spiritual group is very important prior to joining and we encourage all to get to know anyone in which they intend to initiate with for a period of time that allows for proper assessment by their ancestors for their needs. We teach basic knowledge without overextending privileged information, and offer real time learning opportunities. We stress the importance of ancestor repour when beginning the journey and elevating into ATR as to have an organically heightened sense of intuition, intelligence and, energetic connections. The ancestors will always be your guide to your spiritual family. That is our purest honor as we are not a cult, nor do we support cult behavior. African and Indigenous tradition has long been lost to a vast majority of its people. Our goal is to shine light on the fact that African and American / Caribbean Indigenous people had customs and structures for life pre diaspora and teach the most essential yet non evasive blueprints of those cultures.

Blessings, Wisdom and Love.


Monthly readings

weekly classes

private guidance

individual character development

beginner - intermediate & advanced learning

All diloggun or nganga styled readings are third party and cultural. Though optional, they are highly recommended as they assist with spiritual wisdom and growth emphatically. Readings may come with prescription. It is without question recommended that they be filled. 

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