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Mentorship is currently being held on an individual basis and not in an online classroom setting as it had been done before. This means, that for one to be mentored by Yaya Bea® they must receive monthly readings and follow prescriptions verbatim. This will require but is not limited to all things mentioned in the about us section regarding readings and prescriptions; as well as, setting up various altars in and around the student’s home and business if necessary.

Mentorship is an investment into oneself because it prepares one to initiate themselves fully into Las Reglas de Ocha according to the odu (message given during Diloggun consultation). If the student is not destined to be initiated with Yaya Bea then they will be excused from mentorship and recommended to go elsewhere to secure their evolution.

 As a Madrina is my job to teach the then not now mentee but Godchild the ways of the spiritual houses and practices to reach full initiation referred to as Crowning of the Orisha. My goal is not to hold anyone back from their ache, knowledge, any wisdom needed to acquire their evolution nor take their money. I work diligently with the Orisha and Egun to build each individual up to be stable on their own within the rights of their destiny.

For an individual to achieve their full potential in Ocha they must ultimately initiate but, they must be disciplined, respectful, patient and, dedicated. One must come into the mentorship knowing that a Madrina (A priestess with Godchildren) is a maternal source and has to be regarded as such. In person learning is very important. There is no conversation or meeting that you have with your Madrina that is not a learning experience for you to grow. The more in person ritual you have the more you are able to learn.

Traditionally, there were no books. Although I do give reading material, it is very vague. the most informative material that I give is still a mere reference sheet for follow up with routine consultation and work (ceremonies). The advancement of one individual sometimes requires the participation of many. In these cases ceremonies will feature various priests and have to be held in various locations. Travel is inevitably expected and required to initiate. Due to covid there are no current passport requirements.

Mentorship is to be treated as more than a mere prestigious collegiate institution but it is to be thought of in such a way. The knowledge acquired through the Diasporic cultures of ATR are the same knowledges and scientific sources of information that were used in the ancient times of our Egyptian ancestors. This information is acquired in small quantities at a time and takes years of study. In order to study there must be constant practice and consultation. With proper execution student should be ready to begin initiation within 3 to 6 months of initial sign up if not sooner.

We believe that learning never stops. We also believe that you never know more than your elders. Humility and homage take us a long way, right along with accountability. There is a solution to every problem that one might face, all we must do is discover it. As much as we’d like for evolution to happen instantly, it does not but, little by little, we get there.  

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