What makes our Mentorship Program unique?

Our curriculum is designed to give our students as much information as they can receive as a non-initiate into any form of African Traditional Religion. Focusing on the individual’s spiritual science and character development is essential to the unlocking of their true potential set by the Universe. With the studying of Universal laws, physics, astrology and, by the implementation of real time learning through Diloggun and Odu/Congo sciences, specific to Diaspora Orisha and Congo traditions, our students are able to excel spiritually and physically in life without the pressures that can be felt with sudden initiation.

The divine purpose of African Spiritual Systems at their core are to build good character within yourself. This allows you to be the best version of yourself one that is deserving of the experiences of their ultimate blessings. With proper consultation (because contrary to popular belief tarot cards, pendulums and, even intuitive readings will not give you precise scientific calculations as those of consecrated divination tools) done by those qualified on our staff, proper execution of one’s forces and energies are able to be directed and applied without error.

We must understand that our ancestors did get by with Hoodoo, but they still longed for the pieces that were missing, which are those, of the cultures that slavery forced them to leave behind. When these “missing” pieces are added to vast amount of Louisiana, African-American, Gullah-Geechie, Mississippi and, other various forms of Hoodoo knowledge that is embedded in us from the adaptations made by those who came before us then, we are truly able to see obstacle free results in our manifestation processes.

Although growth is still a process of its own, there is no problem that cannot be resolved with one’s own works of faith and The African Ase. The cause of one’s issue may very will be their own actions or lack thereof. Our courses, both private and individual, allow the individual to thoroughly learn themselves and organically be who they are designed to be. Unlocking our spiritual gifts is within our will if we learn to control it. Sometimes you do not need to hex someone… you just need to cleanse yourself of the energies. As the hex itself may not align with the chemistry of everything else that you have going on around you, and can cause adverse effects, harming you, instead of the target intended.


All of these things that we are learning to love some via calling and some trend, are very serious spiritual sciences that require many years of wisdom knowledge and practice. It is important to know and to understand where your power comes from wholeheartedly before you are compelled to use it in ways that you do not yet fully understand. There must be rapport and respect built with your spiritual guides and Angles in order to properly manifest, and to be generally well in life. This is where the ancestral part of our program comes into work. Freequencie’s Iyami Mentorship and Spiritual Development program is set apart from the rest by the Unique Ancestor guided methods and techniques that we use for hands on education by the student. All of these techniques are credited and proved to work by elders of our ile and practicing community, as well as by the alignment with the sciences of the Orishas and Congo Deities/Spirits.

By the end of our 7 to 12-month curriculum (based on individual progress) each student should be close to if not ready to initiate into whatever form of ATR that was pre-determined by previous consultations. Even if that means that they are not meant to initiate at all. They may be meant to only practice traditional Diaspora Hoodoo; in those cases, they will be directed to resources that could assist them with their desired paths. All of these paths are, however, ancestor directed, guided and, chosen. Usage of the individual blueprint as well the universal blueprint will give the most beautiful metaphysical results.


Our Mentorship includes:


Monthly readings

Weekly group classes

Individual classes

Phone access to Mentors



Methods of Practice

Methods of spell creating … Etc.


Disclaimer :

In no way are we in the businesses of pressuring anyone into initiations with our iles or houses.