Rediscover the Power Within

After 100s of readings and successful advisory and over at least 30 + women insisting that I  educate them or possibly coach them through the necessary lifestyle changes needed achieve spiritual success and maintain their regimens. I finally agreed to begin a mentorship program for women, some who had been following my journey since my very first lecturing event in 2016.  It is my pleasure and one of my greatest honors to assist women of color from all different backgrounds in their personal spiritual journeys and elevation. Through self analysis and the application of spirituality, physically, at their own pace of course, 2018 alone saw over 50 lives changed. With Oludumare's grace and a pure heart it is my honor to continue to heal as many women and men that I am allowed to.
Mentorship Includes :

  • live classes and lectures - ancestor connection, metaphysics 

  • personal check ins and readings

  • meet ups

  • one on one trainings*

  • access to private events*


Sign up $121


unlimited lectures, 2 check ins, 1 reading (1 hour) , wellness plan guide, gemstone recommendations, personal prescription and herbal remedy recommendations. 


* = may include additional pricing . Ifa Oluwo and Iyanifa pricings are not associated with or included with any costs of services provided by Freequencie as any payments to Ifa are holy and sacred to Ifa only RECOMMENDATION ONLY not given by Freequenice Staff .

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