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Meet Yaya Bea


Alafia ! Nsalaikum !

    I am Yaya Bea (BEE).  Born on raised on the bayous of Southern Louisiana, as a young child I would make mention to my mother of me seeing or dreaming of things before they would physically happen. Unlike those who came before me in my family, I wasn’t “so lucky” to pray Christian prayers and have my visons removed even if they scared me. The more I prayed to be normal the more frequent and accurate my visions became.

    In the fearfully superstitious but secretly conjuring south, if you had anything extra going on with you that did not pertain to praying to Jesus, you kept it to yourself. So naturally, I was drawn to all things supernatural and mystical but, quietly so. My gifts were only something that I could research from a biblical standpoint but would never get the answers that I was looking for.

    I began a very brief research period of different cultures/religions and was lead without a doubt, directly to the Orisha. When I began to practice meditation, I was a natural, and my life was changed instantly. Acknowledging the authenticity of my gifts, I was met with much encouragement from friends, family, and strangers alike to use my knowledge and abilities to help others.
    Eventually I was initiated in Puerto Rico and since have gained a global host of clients, godchildren and, students.  Blessed by the Orisha, my mother and, the elders of my ile I dedicate my practice to that of my ancestors and their connections to their descendants for the ultimate freedom, evolution and peace.

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