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Alafia !
   I am YaYa Bea (BEE). I was born and raised on Bayou Lafourche in Southern Louisiana. As a young child I would make mention to my mother of me seeing or dreaming of things before they would physically happen. It was always secret among friends growing up, that I would see spirits and images, but not pay any attention to them. Although in school I always excelled greatly in academics, being an extreme empath sometimes made it difficult to get along with others. Raised in the fearfully superstitious south, if you had anything extra going on with you spiritually that did not pertain to praying to Jesus, you kept it to yourself. So naturally, as a  Louisiana native, I was drawn to all things supernatural and mystical but, quietly. Also, as a  Christian, my gifts were only something that I could research from a biblical standpoint, but would never get the answers that I was looking for. My mother did however, send me off to college with a book that explained prophetic dreams. I used this book to the best of my ability for about 5 years, referencing a few points that resonated with me here and there, and then cross referencing those dream interpretations with those described in the actual bible.
   After dropping out of college, 3 years passed by and consisted of me working dead-end retail jobs. I was a young single mother to an infant baby girl, and I was homeless, jobless, and carless. My on and off again research of "what was wrong with me," as I used to call it, was on again, but this time, it would be life changing. I began a very brief research period of different religions and theologies, and found my fancy with the Orisha and Hindu deities. While briefly studying  Moorish science I discovered that if you're psychic in any way,  you should meditate religiously. When I began to practice meditation I was a natural, and my life was changed instantly. After seeing a plethora of changes in my health and behavior , and noticing the authenticity of my gifts, I was met with much encouragement from friends, family, and strangers alike to use my knowledge and abilities to help others.
   With that encouragement, I continued my research and lifestyle changes. Taking into consideration that spirituality and metaphysics are one and actually have order within ancient cultures I began a quest to find more of my ancestors. Blessedly my mother already had 7 + years of research and I was able to conclude that I am predominately of West African and Native American descent. I began to meditate, and pray to Oludumare and to my ancestors of course. Thankfully, my prayers were heard and answered, a chance meeting would lead me to an Oluwo, (Priest in Ifa, an ancient African spiritual , healing, and divination system of the Yoruba Culture) and I received my ilekes (blessed beads of the Orisha given through ceremony) and would later become an Egungun Priestess - Ifa Egun Practioner (Masquerades of Ancestor reverence and veneration in Yoruba ,Benin, and West African Culture) . Not only did my Nigerian Ancestors hear my prayers but so did my Kongolese alike as I also am a Palera (Priestess of Kongolese (Congo) Religion cultivated by those Ancestors of the diaspora in Cuba).

  As a young Queen and Priestess I am currently using my blessings to assist others in their spiritual growth and journeys through, meditations, mediumship & readings, offerings, rootwork,  spiritual cleansing,  Gemstone prescriptions, teaching, lecturing, and mentorship as well as specially made oils, ointments, herbal blends, sprays, candles, etc. Blessed and approved by the leaders of my traditions, in and out my local area I dedicate my practice to that of my ancestors and their connections to their descendants for the ultimate freedom and peace.

In October 2019

YaYa was featured in Thrillist magazine's travel article on How to Discover and Experience Voodoo Culture in New Orleans .

YaYa presented 3 workshops at the Atlanta Conjure and Culture Festival , covering Introduction to the Orishas & ATR, Twin Flames, and Sex Majic .


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