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Silence. Calm. & Reprogram the Mind

Third Eye and Chakra Meditations focus exclusively on all chakras and aid in one's journey of opening and de-calcifying their Pineal Gland and, activating their Crown Chakra. While the other chakras gently reprogram and activate to allow the organic function of the body's natural energy systems. Unblocks all chakras.

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Divination & Tarot Card

Gives clarity and insight on unanswered questions or unsolved situations, generational curse insight and freedom ,pinpoint guardian angels and so much more. Traditional Afro-Cuban divination tools are used upon consult as well as Tarot. These readings are 100% intuitive and accurate given by natural born and culturally attuned psychics/mediums.

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Spells, Charms, Metaphysical alchemy

Need Enhancements, Protection, Attraction and Abundance , Wealth and Prosperity etc ? We've got you covered. If you feel that you have been worked on, or if you are in an abusive relationship. If you have an upcoming court case or if you are trying to avoid one or find that you are in danger we may be able to assist you. These are some of many conditions that may require cleansing and/or other offerings and cultural works. All works are of 100% traditional sciences including, Congo (Palo), Lucumi (Ocha) , and Louisiana Conjure (Voodoo/Hoodoo).

Freequencie offers a variety of assets and tools for the advanced, intermediate, and beginning spiritualist. All of our products are blessed, charged, and 100% Organic for your security. A family business, we not only specialize in individual but children's and couples' services as well.   Premier sound therapy meditation is energy healing that gives an individual the opportunity to rejuvenate, relax, and completely unwind while reconnecting and recharging the mind, and energy systems that govern the body. Native and Indigenous divining technique, as well as the more popular tarot, allow YaYa KiKi to offer noteworthy readings and spiritual advisory. Our psychics are all Lucumi and/or Palo initiates and have all been proven to give significantly accurate readings with proven life changing results. Every service offered is intimate and personalized for sacredness of spirit, and individual privacy. Our priestess also provides spiritual cleanses; including the splitting of soul ties and removing/breaking of spells that may have been cast on an individual. Manifestations, conjure and root work are also post reading provided services by our priestess. Here at Freequencie however, we do not provide love spells and/or any binding works for or to non willing participants. Love work is only prescribed for self love and/or to consenting couples. Magical and metaphysical light-work is only purely potent and able to reach it's highest potential when the free will of all parties involved is intact. With the blessings of the community's elders including New Orleans Natives and cultural elders we are based in Baton Rouge , Louisiana. Our services are offered internationally through virtual scheduling, and pre paid in person meet ups for services required. We follow strict traditional science and protocol in all of our divination and works.

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