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            Yaya Bea®, founder of Freequencie® International Inc. and all Priests here are initiated into and follow the laws/rules of Palo Monte/Palo Mayombe, casa de Mayaka Tace Tare and of Lucumi/Las Reglas De Ocha (Santeria), Ile de Pimienta; both of Afro/Cuban tradition. These practices, like Haitian Vodou, were cultivated and organized upon the Transatlantic Slave Trade yet much earlier. Various initiations and fundamental Deities grant us the ability to work spiritual cases that involve the Orishas and Egun (Ancestors). In necessary cases, there are referrals to other modalities and forms of ATR such as traditional Nigerian Ifa and/or other Congo houses etc., all determined by divination. All readings here at Freequencie® International Inc. are given by initiated persons.

          Most of our readings are initially conducted in Palo via Egun. They are conducted with the Egun to ensure that the consulted individual is taking care of any problems that exist in their bloodline firsthand so that evolution is without interruption by ancestors who have not been properly attended to. 4 pieces of consecrated coconut called Chamalongos are thrown. During which time they pull on the magnetic poles of the Earth accurately communicating with spirits of the dead and Deities of Congo tradition called Mpungo (compared to Orishas).

            Diloggun, along with the Opele (used in Ifa) are recognized by the United Nations (NATO) as the most informative, sophisticated and accurate forms of divination on the planet. When read by a crowned head (fully initiated person) in Ocha, these consecrated cowrie shells (Diloggun), allow pull on forces beyond the Earth and communication with each Orisha while binary coding, what we call, “The Mouth of The Orisha”, are configured to speak to the individual who is receiving the consultation. It is our most recommend form of divination for individuals with emergency life or death cases and situations. Be informed, that per the Laws of Ocha it is also the only reading that one who is initiated into or began work with another ile (spiritual house) and/or, has been initiated into any other form of ATR may receive initially upon scheduling.

    Readings however, come with prescriptions. Prescription may require various fruits, plants/herbs, travel and/or, animal sacrifice not excluding or limited to actual initiation for the receiver. It is not recommended that you receive a reading if you are not going to follow through with the recommendations of the Ancestors and Orishas

      At Freequencie® International Inc., we focus solely on the evolution of the individual whom we are treating. Our mentorship and, classes are outlined with focus of the individual’s willpower, circumstance and, positive character development in mind. Necessary internal and external personal strategies of integrity that are essential to a good practitioner are formed through organic, disciplined, in person learning, that help one to reprogram themselves and strengthen their Ache (power) over time.

All Sales are Non refundable

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