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Silence. Calm. & Reprogram the Mind

Sound and energy healing meditations focus exclusively on all chakras and aid in one's journey of opening and de-calcifying their Pineal Gland and, activating their Crown Chakra. While the other chakras gently reprogram and activate to allow the organic function of the body's natural energy systems. Connects to spiritual guides.

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Divination & Psychic Services

Our readings are 100% accurate and precise. We offer a variety of divination styles from, Diloggun and Obi, to Tarot. Discover the mysteries of your purpose, and hear the messages of the Orisha and ancestors. Consult with Eleggua in regards to your roads or the Congo in regards to your protection. We have readings for every preference. 

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Spells, Charms, Metaphysical alchemy

With the various Congo and Orisha fundamentals available to our staff. We are able to offer quality spiritual works of conjure, cleansing, offerings. We also offer charms, spells, assistance with love, legal, money and matters of protection , business and prosperity.

 Our Priests are initiated in the practice of Palo Monte/Palo Mayombe, casa de Mayaka Tase Tare and, are non-crowned, yet initiated Orisha practitioners of Lucumi/La Regla De Ocha, Ile de Pimienta, both of Afro/Cuban tradition. These practices, like Haitian Vodou, were cultivated and, organized upon the Transatlantic Slave Trade through the strength of our ancestors throughout the Diaspora. With the guidelines, blessings and , permissions of Odu (doctrine of Orunmila), along with the teachings of our Madrina, Iya Olorun, of Puerto Rico; we possess various fundamental Orishas of our own. This grants us the ability to practice regarding to and, work a plethora of spiritual cases that involve the Orishas and Egun (Ancestors); minus required initiations and certain forms of hot work (blood sacrifice).  We do however, have the license to do all things Ancestral and, Congo related through our ceremonial rites of passage via Palo tradition. In few cases, there are elder referrals, and if and when necessary, there are even referrals to other modalities and forms of ATR such as traditional Nigerian Ifa and/or, Haitian Vodou, etc., all determined by divination of course.

 We also offer a variety of luxury spiritual essentials, trinkets and tools. Our featured products are considered high-end as they are all produced from pure ingredients with quality resources. The sacredness of all things tangible is also ensured as each individual sales person, brand and, owner has had confirmed permissions and regulations of their own, granted via divination and elder guidance (some non Freequencie affiliated) for proper execution of the sciences that they intend to portray with the merchandise that they manufacture. In simpler terms, each merchant in our stores has had African divinations and, consultations to ensure proper execution and, balanced productivity of their said product. Furthermore, our signature products and affiliated distributors have all been verified as well via ancestor and/or, deity consultation and, are therefore infused with said Ase and the abilities to access the power required for the desired results. At Freequencie, vibration is always the focal point for our methods of healing. If the vibration is controlled, then the environment will be controlled, which in turn allows manifestation to be a peaceful and most joyous process. Every service, product and, class offered here at Freequencie is designed with elevation and, ascension at will. Our mentorship and, classes are outlined with focus of the individual’s willpower and, positive character development in mind. Necessary internal and, external personal strategies of integrity that are essential to a good practitioner are formed through organic, disciplined activities that help one to reprogram themselves and, to strengthen their own Ase over time. Freequencie affords our students, clients, and all of our customers the abilities to access all of the power that is meant for them by the Universe. It all begins with your willpower and, positive character development! Our staff are just simply honored to assist others, as we serve the Orishas and our communities, while continuing the pure works of our ancestors before us.