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The Forgiveness is for You !

I don’t forgive anyone who wills themselves to disregard my life in any way. I do however forgive myself for allowing anyone near, dear, or close to me who does disregard my life. The forgiveness is for me so I forgive me. I’m not gonna forgive or advise someone to forgive a person who did exactly what it was that they wanted to do . While people show you who they are you must believe them. But it’s also your responsibility to show yourself who you are as well. I’m a savage huh. Only cheeks turning are my ass when I walk away from the people places things situations and circumstances that don’t serve me ! 

You are not obligated to destroy your mental physical or emotional health to sympathize with those who constantly hurt you .  It’s self destructive . Let’s focus on self preservation and elevation even if it means letting go of all we know !

God gave you to yourself! Love you first! Be blessed.

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