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Love Papa Legba? Hate Mercury Retrograde?

if you answered yes to both of those questions then my dear, you're in a bit of trouble. The synchronicity of the cosmos with the personified and energetic characteristics of deities is as old as time. We have Esu/Legba energies which are always classified as Trickster/Road Opening and obstacle removing and in most times we never speak on the healing aspects, or the one's set within these energy systems for our own internal/spiritual growth etc. Of course we want Legba to open our roads and lead us to greatness but we never stop to think about if we are the reason in ourselves that we do not achieve such success. Most times Mercury retrogrades are designed to show a person exactly what they need to focus on and address internally in order to victoriously ascend , peacefully of course. So if Mercury going retro is only designed to help, isn't this the same thing that you're asking it's deified counterpart for assistance with as well? Think about someone constantly giving you everything that you want but you're still not learning anything in the process, just simply feeling the bliss of satisfaction. The trickster in this itself would be to have you think that self indulgences and protection is the only thing that this energy is to be used for. This would cripple you, spoil you, and cause you to be ignorant of the facts of life and how they pertain to you. How do all and any form of communication coming from you affect your life? Anything going on during a retrograde is simply the deity that you turn to for help constantly showing you where blockages may be in your roads, due to your own negligence. If you are someone like me, who works with Orishas and other deities, you have to think of it as if you are dealing with an authority figure; you parents don't take care of you as a child only to have you constantly lashing out at them when things don't go your way. All things come with patience. Hoodoo workers and root-workers a like somehow give off the impression that magick works instantaneously with no barter to be made, other than simply writing a petition and of course giving candy at an altar. These misconceptions often lead to most not wanting to do the internal work; may it be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. It is however with an urgency that the founding cultural customs be taken into account when dealing with Legba deities, such as iwa-pele and balanced character. Attention being paid to the attributes given to the deities that coincide with the planet Mercury are key when wanting to complain about obstacles that you may be recognizing as a delivery from Mercury itself.

These times are simply reminders to be patient and observational with oneself in order to execute change and remove obstacles that may prevent the desired attractions and elements of success. Complaining will not help with the manifestation processes in your life, as Universal Law requires an attitude of gratitude at all times; especially towards the cosmic forces of creation. Not failing to mention that Mercury's deity Esu opens and closes all rituals, and no Ase, magical force, or other deity is accessed first without his granting. Also the basis of the access is granted strictly on the terms set by Esu. This is merely a more personified way of reminding one why Mercury goes into retrograde so often, not only for the focus of self but for the possibility for frequency elevation as to reassess and possibly re configure those terms previously mentioned. In other words, your attitude determines your altitude even in the cosmos. No deity will bless the ungrateful , in the identical manner that the Universe and her planets will not either. The importance placed on all Legba and Esu like deities is constantly showcased in astronomical events with Mercury always seeming to be the center of attention ...

Food for thought ... Hate Mercury Retrograde?

Don't bite the hand that feeds you, literally.

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