Diloggun Reading (daytime only)

Orisha Shell Reading and Consultation.

  • 1 hour
  • 85 US dollars
  • Via Phone

Service Description

Diloggun, along with the Opele (used in Ifa) are recognized by the United Nations (NATO) as the most informative, sophisticated and accurate forms of divination on the planet. When read by a crowned head (fully initiated person) in Ocha, these consecrated cowrie shells (Diloggun), allow pull on forces beyond the Earth and communication with each Orisha while binary coding, what we call, “The Mouth of The Orisha”, are configured to speak to the individual who is receiving the consultation. It is our most recommend form of divination for individuals with emergency life or death cases and situations. Be informed, that per the Laws of Ocha it is also the only reading that one who is initiated into or began work with another ile (spiritual house) and/or, has been initiated into any other form of ATR may receive initially upon scheduling. ****Important scheduled time may NOT be the time that reading is given due to to heavy initiation and ebo ceremonies****

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy is Reschedule Only. There are absolutely no refunds as all monies are considered sacred once paid. Remember that everything is done in divine timing and that nothing should be rushed.

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Baton Rouge Louisiana, USA