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Bree Binya
Jan 15, 2021
In General Discussions
Spi-ritual!!!! Puts the ritual in spiritual. The frequencie mentorship has been a very blessed journey for me. Our mentor Yaya, gives us in depth information along with real time experience, that you can see and believe for yourself. It ain’t no Hocus Pocus but it’s for sure magic of your bloodlines and birthrights. If you have ever felt lost, or stagnant and needed some spiritual motivation or guidance, then this mentorship is definitely for you. Every aspect of my life is falling into place. Alignment with my divine purpose and I couldn’t have done this alone. The weekly classes keep me on point. Even the daily tarot readings we are to do on ourselves, has me learning them by memory. If you’re ready to start your journey or further you knowledge, I definitely recommend you start here💕

Bree Binya

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