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Brandy Williams
Jan 13, 2021
In General Discussions
I know that I don't have to tell y'all about how real the work, manifestations, etc can be. However, I wanna talk about something that just happened to me. It is critically important to do regular readings on yourself, get your dillogun readings, and ve obedient to your ancestors. Many of you know that I had a God child in the Christian faith. Welp, she turned out to be ....fill in the blank with your choice of words. She idolized me to the point of competition and became quite disrespectful. I have only had 1 reading that was not in Ire. The longer this girl stayes around me and the longer she worked for my business, the worse my shit was getting. I cut her off after learning what she truly was, and the blessings have not stopped coming in. In 72 hours, I have signed two contracts, became completely booked, and will begin making final payments on my process. Do the work. Trust the ancestors. Read yourselves, and believe in intuition. Please also know, when she had to bring me my things today, she looked tore up! But, disrespectfulness and piss poor character always come out of hiding.
Brandy Williams
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