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Who Do You Think You Are? self-made pt 2

Inspired at 3:11am ! I was up scrolling through social media (because what else is there to do at 2:45 am other than meditate and pray) ... I actually began writing for this blog post a few days ago and never got the chance to finish, but as the Universe would have it ...

I was scrolling and I happened to come across a very popular "motivational speaker"'s page... so as i came across this page I saw a post that referenced the lack of prayer and lack of wanting to pray ... I commented that prayer is calming and was immediately met with backlash and the idea that prayer is begging....

I rarely voice my opinion on other's people's pages because , I mean, why should or would I. but I wanted to finish my thoughts because the topic began relevant again once the comment made, and maybe food for thought was the reason I spoke anyway so moving along...

I'm beginning to find the whole "self proclaimed" deity thing that happens with metaphysical researchers and people who live a metaphysical lifestyle rather interesting . Cultivating, remembering and re awakening the power within you is an amazing experience for any and everyone. But in some, connecting to that power comes at a rather "egotistical price". Because at any rate no matter how powerful we each individually are, and no matter what deities bless us , the power ultimately does come from a source that is "outside of ourselves" and is beamed down into us. So while meditation is the act of looking within to find the bond in which you share with the source that is outside of you and even the deity that owns your head (sits on top you / walks with you) ...but to pray is to go outside of yourself and directly to the source of the power in which you are channeling.... And ultimately you just have to understand that there are levels to heaven and the beings that live there.

As in any religion, cult, or spiritual group there are laws, and orders to be kept but something about the new aged spirituality and of course social media, with the misconception that magick and manifestation without order or even knowledge of the deities in which you are channeling is first and foremost safe, but brag worthy even, is a very dangerous and misleading misconception to pass around to the general public.

We as humans, are still that, human. The power within us is not the actual "source" so that means that in some manner at some time in some way we will have to go to source. And there a few ways to do that. What I've learned in my practices of Ifa Lukumi and the Modalities within is that the energies that assist us as humans don't always wanna be channeled the same way all the time. Sometimes they want meditation. Sometimes they want prayer. Sometimes they want fruits of the Earth and other times they want Blood ... It's never about what I feel like giving them (because lets be honest I never like Ebo involving Animals or smoking raw tobacco yet here I am... A Priest) . In religious and spiritual cultures there are offerings and sacrifices made to Gods and Deities for goodness, health and purity but some of the main ones being ...

1. You cannot expect any element or energetic system (which are all in correspondence to deities) that you do not serve, feed, service, take care of, build a relationship with ,etc to aid you in a way that will not be costly to you (and it WILL physically cost you something every time you manifest). The purpose of the prayers and the offerings are never to beg to build up an account. You can't go to the bank and just get money out of it if you've never put anything into it. And although we are all blessed with a form of divinity from the almighty ... there are still universal laws that mathematically construct and govern every energetic system and the products there of.

And espeically if your energy is used to "manifest" and not "pray" ...

2. You should not be manifesting or creating or channeling any type of deities without knowing exactly where the power is coming from. You should never be so arrogant as to think that your Ase (power) is so infinite that you're manifesting things left and right with no input, and with input only from the Almighty Creator... Road Opening energy (in every modality even if yours is non religous) is very tricky, in the sense that you can believe that you're supposed to go for everything that you want, or take every opportunity that is presented to you, but the deception lies in the fact that, you could be wrong. With all of the forces that there are in the universe; if you do not know who is with you, or what even, you do not know where your power is coming from....

If you are manifesting and seeing yourself as the only source of energy and, think that all of the things that you are blessed with and have come from only you, then you are sadly mistaken and have been truly misled in every way. When we open ourselves up to the spiritual realms we become a beacon of light... You become a flash light in a dark room. You attract energies and deities, and entities alike, like a moth would be attracted to a flame. In this sense if you do not call out to anyone or anything, if you aren't praying, communicating and building a connection, an intimate relationship even ... you are vulnerable to beings that are unseen by the physical eye... and even if you see with your 3rd eye or Ajna Chakra , how much can YOU do to stop the attacks... even with Meditation (because in certain cultures the art of meditation , prayer, and reprogramming your mind is still an act of channeling a divinity as your Head or Ori (Yoruba Culture) is to worshiped as well but not in a way that it acts alone, it is to be worshipped that it is the portal point between The Creator and You in Heaven , like a walkie talkie).

Metaphysically speaking, even if you call on the Almighty God he's sending Ancestors ,Deities, Angels etc to assist you. Not that he/she won't come on her own but the thing is, thats the Order, God believes in ranking obviously lol. But There are energies that work for God, period. Its dangerous to think that you only work for you when if you aren't evil to say the least, you expect your magick to work in goodness, so with that expectation of goodness there has to be some respect for the source of that goodness. And because you are simply a vessel without God and the help of that Source, you are only able to be as victorious over unseen forces that may wish to devour you, as your own Ase allows you to be .... So let's not even mention that there are forces within itself that hold YOUR own Ase for you Christians call it JESUs, in Ifa we call it ESU, Hindus call it GanESHU ... science calls it Activation/Assimilation or Manifestation.

But what about these bad unseen energies? The ones that come to devour? They want you to think that they are something that they aren't , masquerading as beings of light sent by God. These energies give powers almost just as the Angels and Guides sent by the Universe, God Almighty does. Whatever you choose to call God, you should be informed that there are no beings more powerful than God nor can God be defeated. But there are things powerful enough to "bless" you with powers and they won't be from God. Everything that you want and ask for, and you may THINK that a deity or angel from God is blessing you or even that your ancestors are blessing you... and that isn't always the case. Those powers will always come with a price that will altar your peace and/or the peace of those around you in ways that are not always fitting... especially because peace is one of the main reasons why we manifest

A few signs that you may have extra energies attached to you, that may be interfering with your manifestations ...

1. Always forceful and overly aggressive in your speech

2. Frustrated easily, agitated and angered at those who do not do things in the ways that you think intelligent people should behave

3. Always trying to encourage, inform, or communicate to others your problems in a ways that dump your energy onto them by making them think you're helping them but they're just catching your steam

4. Encouraging egotistical behavior in others

5. Wanting the glory for yourself instead of giving it to the Powers that assist you which should be GOD

Spending so much time trying to prove how much of a big dog you are isn't gonna get you anywhere in the Spiritual world, because the spiritual world is just that, Spiritual. There is no room for "look at me" this is what I'm doing. You're either doing God's work or you aren't. Connect to God. Be your own divine being. But know and never forget , that you are not the Divine Himself/Herself, just barely a smidgen of a microcosm of the power that is Oludumare/Universe.

Peace and Love


YaYa Nganga B. KiKI

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YaYa Bea
YaYa Bea
Mar 15, 2019

I took the liberty of getting Webster’s definition of the word prayer ...

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