What will they Say?

What won't they say? What are they already saying? So why does it even matter? Especially if your goals and actions are aligned with you connecting to the divinity within. Who are you to allow the thoughts actions or voiced opinions of others detour you from your spiritual journey ? Do others know the pact that you made with God before you came down to Earth for this reincarnation? Or do you even? Sometimes the road less traveled by is actually the key to salvation and success. Allowing anyone to make you feel less than or weird because you look within or choose to research and exercise lifestyle changes that are not quote on quote normal are not fair to you. You don't have to be defensive or secretive... you could just be. If someone wants an explanation always be open to teach in the best ways that you know how without bashing or being disrespectful to anyone else's preferences even if they disrespect yours. The ignorance of others has been known to cause confusion for thousands of years, people have always feared what they don't understand. Accepting that you cannot make people embrace your changes or even accept them and see you in the light that you long to be seen in, will be one the biggest challenges that you face upon opening your life up to spirituality. Religious family members and friends may go out their way to make you feel uncomfortable because of their discomfort. You may