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The importance of following your own path

In spirituality there are lots of do’s and don’ts while in the same token there are also lots of times when you should just go with the flow . Discernment is one’s best friend along with intuition and will power. I recently had a conversation about selling your soul. What does that actually mean? How is it done? Is real or even possible? To answer all of these questions, yes. Not trusting yourself is one way to lose yourself in any aspect or element. Living in fear and uncertainty with no structure are ways to lose yourself as well. Integrity is a key role in spiritual practice. What are you willing to do or not to do in order to gain power, acknowledgement, prosperity , etc. Developing your own spiritual practice in a healthy balanced manner is a definite step to ensuring that one can maintain control of their life spiritually. Being that ignorance can cause one to be easily swayed, the science of spirituality is one of self-recognition, healing, and development. Before seeking anything outside of yourself, including opinions, and or initiation you should give yourself all that YOU have to offer confidently. This is why you must develop your spiritual practice , not only to keep yourself afloat with yourself, but with others as well. We all seek community in the world of the spiritual, as it is human nature to not want to be alone. But the need of a crowd or a pack is not always necessarily urgent. As it may be the energy of fear and we all know that this energy is one of a festering low vibration. Community without self security can cause one to be lost in the sauce as they say. Taking the time to learn how to work with your ancestors and yourself to manifest your best life and to maneuver in the world and with/amongst others is what you should spend at least your first 2 to 3 spiritual years doing in the moments of “waking up” and “being woke”. You want to have full understanding and confidence in yourself, who you are, and what you have to offer. 9 times out of 10 if you’re feeling ready for community you’ve already reached certain peaks in your spiritual growth and you want to share them with others. Some of the best Priestesses that I know did not begin to engage in community until after 10+ years of practice because of the many risks involved, the main one being unbalanced and unseasoned. Reading yourself, and doing your own daily and weekly rituals will give you a blueprint of the way that your superpowers scientifically work. And when or if an infiltration is attempted you will be able to properly navigate and avoid those obstacles. This is a culture of knowledge of self. You will be faced with many who want to tell you who you are so you must make it a habit of actually knowing without being given direction. Proper direction is bound to come but everything is meant and willed in due time and with divine purpose. Light those candles . Read those cards. Take those baths. Buy those runes ! Stock up on those crystals and herbs. Invent your potions and your spells. Research your combinations and change your life. Journal everything ! The time is now. So shine. And remember if you build it , they will come. It will be up to you to decide if THEY are heaven sent or only a ploy to destroy.

Other tips that I have; are to buy books that pertain specifically to what you are doing but not too many because remember this is about SELF development and different authors carry different energies, you want to avoid being influenced by too many outside sources. Work solely with your ancestors for a year or so to learn them and how they will assist you, your time with deities will come when you are ready. If you feel you must have deity work consult with a Priest or Priestess (but remember to trust your gut when it comes to this process as all Priests are not pure) , you should take this same attitude if you are one who likes to be read by seasoned individuals for your own confirmation. Never be in a rush and never be afraid, only informed. Remember that the opposite of love is not hate, but fear. Live in Love and you will thrive. Last but not least Meditate, Meditate, Meditate, and if you feel any type of fear while meditating simply make a statement to the effect of “Any energy or entity in my presence who is not here to assist me in LOVE light and Balance leave me Immediately. May the Universe (Olofi/Oludumare) only allow energies that are pure to assist me in Ascension.”

Love and Light,

YaYa Bea

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