STD'S Sexually Transmitted Demons

There are many forms of Auric and Astral Attacks. Sex feels so good we never take the time to learn it’s true nature, other than creating babies. Here are some examples as to how an over active sex Life can hurt us more than help Parasites aren’t to be taken lightly. And should be treated at the host . Immediate action is recommended if any of these signs are present in your sex life.

Incubus and Succubus spirits are very real entities 

Signs of them include but aren’t limited to : 

• Addiction to Sex - numbs pain for one spreads it to the other party. 

• Will “mess around” with someone for years especially”on the low” - Secret energy exchanges between people who give eachother’s pain to their other partners.

•Fascinated with Oral Sex - literally need to suck energy out of you. 

Life force is in sperm. 

Essence and Light are in Yoni juices - they are like drinking an elixir when the woman is healthy