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Soul Tie's .. Hang on To Your Love

Couples’ Meditation and Spiritual Advising allow couples to receive individual readings to reveal and take steps toward healing their traumas, as well as those within their relationship. It is then followed by an open discussion and intimate meditation. 


Often times we only allow our auras to connect during sex and we aren’t in tune with one another otherwise. Not knowing that as a couple we’ve   created an energy system of our own through interaction and communication, solidifying this energy through sex. Unwittingly and unintentionally sharing parts of our emotions that aren’t so intimate or uplifting during the act. 


Meditation as a couple brings all the joys of individual meditation to a relationship! Just as one replenishes  the energy within oneself , two would replenish their collective energy .. not  through connection via sex , but connection via the energy of the attraction itself. 📷


Not only will meditation allow you to feel each-other’s love 📷

It will allow you to share pain in a more conscious way that you will better understand how and want to love one another with your actions and words 📷🏾

📷As a woman sometimes it’s hard to feel the relevant pain of a man 

📷As a man sometimes it’s hard to understand the relevant pain of a woman

Spirit is whole, yin & yang understands All 📷🏾

... Meditations can be followed up with Couple's spiritual advising and Wellness plans.

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