Self Made pt 1

With the Pisces sun dictating lots of emotional directions logic has been left no choice but to accept the reconfiguration. With the allowance of growth in one's elevation process it has been a trying few weeks for most. With mercury being in retrograde, what would normally be you pointing the finger is completely reversed with all fingers being pointed at you.

Independence has been a touchy subject lately because we all are "out here getting it" , and just doing what we have to in general to survive and live beyond survival. In any case the idea of one being "self made" is trendy these days.

But what does it mean to be self made? Self Proclaimed? Did you have help along the way? and if so, what kind of help did you receive? of course for YOU to be successful in any way , YOU have to do the ground work.

When it pertains to spirituality, we have lots of self proclaimed "Gods".. and hey I was one, calm down lol. But we have the ideas after doing so much research and application metaphysically that we are so much like God that we are "Like God" which is not the case. Physically and spiritually we are gifted in some way that synchronize specifically with one another but to whom do we owe the pleasure of praise for those gifts?

It is one of the most important things to always remember as a spiritualist or root worker witch... whatever you may classify yourself as,, to never fall into the mindset that the power that is inside of you comes from you. As if you are so Godly to be compared to The One or The Ones sent by that One. Sometimes it is easy to be led by ego when those around you vibrate lower than you do. I've received countless of calls of people placing others in jars because they simply felt the need to control or toy with a situation rather than simply walking away from it.