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Rising Motivation.. no Morning .. Uplifting

Grand Rising Gods and Goddesses 👑

Don’t forget to meditate today 🧘🏾‍♀️


Sound Therapy uses Solfeggio tones and frequencies released via singing bowls for the purest form of sound 🎼

These vibrations directly target each chakra 🌈 to remove darkening , blockages , and to essentially heal the affected areas.


5 minutes of Meditation a day :

•Enhances Focus

•Reduces Stress

•Releases Emotional Toxins


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YaYa Bea
YaYa Bea
07 במרץ 2019

Yes. This is great habit building, perfect during this time.


06 במרץ 2019

Meditation and sound therapy all week while I fast and detox

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