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New Moon in Pisces ♓️ Mercury Retrograde

👑In living color 💙💜🦄

In IFA we are given a rogation or head cleaning by our Oluwo’s ...

This sacred ritual keeps one connected to their Guardian Orisha , and brings clarity and peace of mind .

.... It is your Own Ori (Head. The birthplace of your thoughts) that you must use to live a healthy and victorious life ...but it is also your responsibility to remain pure, genuine, and to use your head to actually think ...

Use this upcoming retrograde of Mercury in Pisces to not allow the essence of your logic to be tainted by your emotional processing ...

But for the essence of purity to blossom and cultivate throughout your entire thought process , and ultimately your whole being . Communicate truths to yourself no matter how harsh they may be . ... Being free from Pain and Ego is to be free indeed 💪🏾


In other words ... put your feelings in your pocket . Change your perspective and Adjust your crown 😘

- @xiomaradagod

New Moon in Pisces ♓️ Today & It’s the first day of Mercury Retrograde ...

Pisces Sun & Moon energy with a Pisces in Retrograde Mercury ...

If you don’t like to face your ego , apologize, or appreciate the people you love and who love you , basically.. if you don’t like to admit your faults then cool ... run 🏃🏾‍♀️ hide 👀🌾

But if you are one that strives for balanced character and iwa-pele ... trust God , keep a cool calm head and lead with love .

New Moon lecture , rituals , prescriptions etc ...

Live @ tonight

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