Living in the Truth ! Never trust too much ... Tips to know when someone is spiritually , off.

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Living in the truth ! Are you taking the right steps ?

I’ve never been one that embraced being lied on , lied to , controlled , or manipulated . But who has ? For a strong willed , self motivated person having our free will bent and altered can even enrage us. It’s very important to be aware if you’re being worked on by someone close to you . And although Sometimes we have to take things as life lessons and move forward . All in all we have to be careful of who we trust , especially when it comes to spirituality or we could be risking our metaphysical freedom .

It’s true that when you don’t know , you don’t know . But when you do know , one of the keys to being able to pinpoint anyone who is crossing you is , them trying to convince you of your own thoughts , actions , and/or feelings . Anyone that tries to make you go against yourself , or try to hinder your progress, whether it be mentally , physically or emotionally... and while of course normal no metaphysical issues and circumstances have these situations as well... there are so many ways that extra emphasis are to be applied when it comes to things on a spiritual and more quantum level.