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Living in the Truth ! Never trust too much ... Tips to know when someone is spiritually , off.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Living in the truth ! Are you taking the right steps ?

I’ve never been one that embraced being lied on , lied to , controlled , or manipulated . But who has ? For a strong willed , self motivated person having our free will bent and altered can even enrage us. It’s very important to be aware if you’re being worked on by someone close to you . And although Sometimes we have to take things as life lessons and move forward . All in all we have to be careful of who we trust , especially when it comes to spirituality or we could be risking our metaphysical freedom .

It’s true that when you don’t know , you don’t know . But when you do know , one of the keys to being able to pinpoint anyone who is crossing you is , them trying to convince you of your own thoughts , actions , and/or feelings . Anyone that tries to make you go against yourself , or try to hinder your progress, whether it be mentally , physically or emotionally... and while of course normal no metaphysical issues and circumstances have these situations as well... there are so many ways that extra emphasis are to be applied when it comes to things on a spiritual and more quantum level.

Manipulation is a big part of manifestation . It’s one of the key elements. You have to change your thoughts to meet the needs of any situation that you’re attempting to conjure up some assistance with. And although we are not to manipulate people , we are allowed to manipulate the elements of our lives for the greatest possible outcomes. So when a person of Magical essence manipulates someone it’s more than a simple white lie. This person is working you to bend and fold at their will for the benefit of their own world . It sounds and can be scary if you’re not catching on to it. And Olofi forbid that you get caught in the middle of the web of lies ...

This is why it best to learn yourself as much as you possibly can before taking on any teachers , mentors , guides and/godparents . You should have a solid relationship with and keep and take record of how your ancestors work. Take the time to learn all that you can of and about the deities that you’ll work with or the Gods of the religion in which you will be dealing so that you can decipher a situation clearly . And although we try not to judge . Judging can be important ! Not in the sense of measuring what a person has , but paying attention to what they have and how they are able to obtain their things and manage their lifestyle . When something sounds or feels fishy , 9 times out of 10 it is . Trust your gut and intuition . If you are weirded out in any way about how you find a person is living (and this confusion comes from a different place than simply not knowing does) then you should not be in a situation where that person is your superior or tied to you in any way .

A key element to recognizing if your spirit and guides are in agreement with that person will be; how does that person make you feel and does that person rely on fear to be their peak of elevation ... Are you annoyed around them or with them ? Are you always questioning their actions or motives? Do you feel disrespected in any way by their actions , words , or gestures ? Is that person always trying to scare you or do they thrive off of fear ? Do they make you feel uncomfortable over all ? Is this someone that you would hang out with if things weren’t spiritual ? Is their level of living below par for you or up to your standards ? Are they healthy ? All of these things may seem superficial at first but with a metaphysical twist and a quick symbolic analysis of each aspect of your feelings you could be seeing and recognizing so much that you don’t want to be caught by or caught up with too late . So I hope that this article helps someone ...

we aren’t to be manipulated to fit in anyone’s world . We’re Magical because in our world , and in this world, we make our own rules of love and light and live by our own free will. Ancient Formats , outlines, organization and rights of passage are all here for a reason but it’s still your world ... You’re living in it ! Pay attention to it . And take care of it ! Never allow anyone to try to or to even have enough access to you to manipulate you out of your blessings or use your hard work to make their lives better ... or to involve you in anything that is against your will. People who grew up in trauma or are fresh out of a traumatic situation and/or desperately and fearfully trying to escape trauma are easy target for this sort of manipulation. Going with the flow isn’t always your best choice . Plan and execute . There are experienced vultures out there waiting for their chance to finally have recognition, even at the expense of someone else. Be careful in these spiritual streets ! Be Blessed ! And Be powerful !!!

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