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I'm Never Wrong

When it comes to being wrong, we all have our own unique way of handling situations.

Some of us face the issue head on and/or become upset, while others look at perspective and possibilities. Then there are some of us who chose to run away from most of our problems.

But what about , When you actually have to face your wrongs?

Pray and ask for who YOU are to be Revealed to yourself. Because you ,sometimes even , if you’re not the only, you are most certainly always the worst enemy that you could have. Everyone isn’t always out to get you ... Sometimes you literally set yourself up to repeat a cycle.

But be prepared, and fear not praying for this revelation. You will need to recognize, release, and simply reprogram.

Control Alt Delete the behavioral mindset

Webster defines accountability as, "the quality or state of being accountable

especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions."

With all of these intense emotional energies and at this point I swear its an Art, to be able to separate one's actual emotions from your logical viewpoint .... Facing Ascension's own nemesis, Ego has for most these last 3 weeks, been a task.

Great news is that some tension should ease by the full moon , impatient news is , its currently the new moon so that's 2 weeks away.

2 weeks of internal growth, development, recognize, healing, elevation, and overall connection to God Almighty and the energy of All There Is.

The Worm Moon, or full moon in Libra is gonna let it be known to every individual the levels of emotional balance and Iwa-Pele that they have achieved...

Pray through the process because now is the time to be aggressive with YOU !


Thinking deeper into behavior and how doing certain things makes you feel certain ways, but why do they ...

It feels good to stunt on your ex because.. they hurt you, but aren't you just continuing a cycle of hurt and giving them the power to actually hurt you again.

Its good to dog someone out because you feel they in some way deserve it .. but when someone dogs you out because they feel that you deserve it , you're emotionally in an uproar.

Resenting people for what they have in any way because of what you may or may not have in some manner ... but you often ignore the ways that you may be blessed and others are not, gratefulness is the key.

Crying because someone is constantly abusing you ... But you remain in the situation for reasons that aren't logical when you actually think things through.

Why do you have these behaviors? Because someone abused you? Because someone ridiculed you?

Holding on to Trauma is Self Poison....

Pinpoint your poisons... sometimes holding on to them may cause you to flee from the things that you need to face in order to ascend...

Lesson coming soon xoxo

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YaYa Bea
YaYa Bea
Mar 08, 2019

@Zee it is truly life changing . Embrace the level up


YaYa Bea
YaYa Bea
Mar 08, 2019

@MamaNell God bless you . You know this only means that you have a test to pass


I know something good is about to happen because my scale is so off balance lately, Went from 10 steps forward to 5 steps back .But I am still holding on.

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