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How can Meditation Benefit You?

Interested in Meditation, but not sure how it may be of service to you?

Below is a brief list of some Meditation Pros ...

• Frequent guided Meditations aid in 

- Chakra / Auric field protection

- Building / Strengthening Energy Awareness & Clair abilities  (the 6 sixth senses 📷)

- Building / Strengthening WILL POWER 📷

- Manifesting Desires 📷

- Maintains Focus  🧠

- Relieving Anger 🤬

- Releasing stress (relaxation method)📷

- Smoke 📷/ Alcohol  📷 High replacement 📷📷

- Sexual Energy channeling / healing 🤰🏽🤦🏿‍♂️📷🧡

- Spiritual Awareness

- Third Eye decalcifying

- Physical Health improvement through chakra and aura balance 

- Merkabah Activation (Bodily Christ (Krystos) Energy 

- And so much more ! 📷📷🏾

•Frequent Natal Readings

 (personal Horoscope that covers every planet and house in your chart) 

- are healthy for one to consciously process being spiritually aware in their everyday lives 📷

- Focus on the dynamics of self and interpersonal relationships due to planetary and solar effects on an individual at that time. 📷 📷 📷

- It’s also a more fortune 📷 telling style of reading, As natal charts are one’s Spiritual DNA. 

-  The individual gets very precise  insight as to where THEIR OWN ACTIONS  are leading them 

- One gains the mental clarity to develop a higher self relationship and be freed from the egotistical standard

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